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About is the world's most comprehensive online FAA PMA parts database. Our data has been updated, cleaned, corrected, and amended by PMA holders. The result is the most complete, accurate, up to date FAA PMA database available.

Subscribe to and gain access to the following features (click links for more details):

  • Perform unlimited single and multi-item PMA searches.
    Cut/Paste up to 5,000 OEM part numbers and use wildcards on up to 8 fields to perform unlimited PMA searches. All results can be downloaded to csv format. Click here for a sample XLSx file download.
  • Correct your PMA part data.
    The FAA often leaves out or otherwise corrupts PMA data. Submit your changes (along with supplement) and we'll review and amend our database to include your lost or corrupted PMA's. You can't sell what customers don't know about!
  • Get notified about new PMA parts.
    When new PMA's are entered into the FAA database you can receive automated notifications. Set up unlimited notifications based on up to 7 different criteria fields and let monitor the PMA market for you.
  • New Feature - Advertise with Your Paid Subscription ! Now all subscribers can submit banner ads for placement on the site. Please submit banners per our advertising specs.
  • New Feature - All subscribers now can also take advantage of our RFQ feature, which allows users to send RFQ’s directly to Parts Manufacturers!

Advanced FAA PMA Part Searches

The staff at takes painstaking efforts to clean, correct, amend, and update the FAA data in order to bring you the most complete and accurate online PMA parts search tool possible.

FlyPMA part searches are the most accurate of any PMA part search tool
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Searches that return incorrect results on lesser search engines often yield accurate returns on Our purified PMA database is quick and allows users to search on up to 8 fields or 5,000 OEM Part Numbers simultaneously. Results are displayed both on screen and can be downloaded to your desktop. Missing or corrupted PMA results are also amended and corrected in our PMA database.

FlyPMA part searches work on most modern smart phones

Quite simply, this is the most powerful PMA search tool in existence. can be accessed from any computer or most smart phones with access to the internet anywhere in the world, 24x7.

In the conference room, on the shop floor, or in the cabin of an A320! With, you are always in touch with the PMA industry.

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Data Corrections

Missing or corrupted PMA data is all too common. Your customers can't buy what they don't know exists and unfortunately, there is no easy way to correct or amend the FAA database.

Subscribers to may submit unlimited PMA data corrections along with verification (such as PMA supplement) to amend our PMA database. Your changes will be quickly verified and if approved will be added to our searchable PMA database. This service is included FREE for all registered users of Don't miss out on potential sales, get your accurate PMA information in the database and available for all to see.

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Get New PMA Part Notifications

Example of part notifications

Want to quickly see what your competition is doing? Have a list of costly repair parts which you need PMA for? users can choose to be notified when new PMA parts are entered into the FAA database. Set up unlimited automated notifications based on up to 7 different criteria fields and let monitor the PMA market for you.

For Example:

Operators of PW4000 engines interested in being notified when new test and computations PMA's for that engine become available can enter "PW4" in the Series (Effectivity) field and "test" in the Approve Basis field. All fields utilize full wildcards, so enter as much or as little in any or all of the fields as you wish to customize your notification.

This example would provide notifications when any new test and computation PMA containing the characters PW4 in the Series column were added to the FAA database. will email you a notification when new PMA parts are entered into the FAA PMA database meeting your criteria. It's that simple.

Set up as many new PMA part notifications as you wish on!

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Contact Info

General Contact Info
sales at flypma dot com

800-921-4PMA (800-921-4762)


P.O. Box 20834
Atlanta, GA 30320

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The latest update to our list of PMA parts was made August 01, 2018 .