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PMA Search

Subscribers of can perform FAA PMA part searches based on any or all of the following fields:
  • OEM Part Number
  • Part Name
  • PMA Company Name
  • PMA Company Number (typically a PQ # assigned to the PMA Company)
  • PMA Part Number
  • Series (effectivity)
  • Approve Basis
  • Search updated parts only (Only New Data Since the Last FAA Update - check box)

Simply enter all or any part of any field into the appropriate box and click the search button. Please note that the PMA Part Search feature of automatically incorporates wildcards on both sides of all entries to query our refined database. Parts which may not return a result on the FAA database or other PMA search engines may be found using This is due to the methods used by to refine and clean the FAA data, and should result in more accurate searches.

Results of the PMA Part Search are returned directly on the website with abbreviated fields. To see all the data contained in each cell of the returned data, simply click on a line item to expand it (click once more to collapse it again). The results can also be downloaded into a .csv file to be viewed as a file directly on your computer. Send RFQ's to any of our advertisers simply by clicking the RFQ box next to the desired part.

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